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dragon inflate
United States
hello i like to welcome to my Deviant ART page and I just want to let u know that I love inflation of all types and I decided to make this site so I can post some Inflation stories of all types of female expansion (breast butt body even preg) and i meigth do some erotic stories.

I am not new I have a another account here and it's :iconartdragon1:

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SCLUUBAR Feb 1, 2007
To all those who watch

He is an art theif and should not be congratulated on work he did not create himself.
He takes Hoodah's work, copies directly from it, traces over the exact sketch lines and says he drew it.

That is not art. That is thievery.

For instance, his theft picture here :[link]

Now look at Hoodah's sketches created long before the rip off was posted:

Hmmm, the EXACT SAME POSES, Traced line for line except for the face.

This is not art, this is not an artist. He is an art stealer and a bad one at that.
Thank you for the watch. =D
another friend to watch!
torokoprower Jul 26, 2006
Thanks for the watch. I'll watch you back.
Leviamicky Jul 26, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the watch! :D
I yet again thank you, this time for favoriting "One Word Says it All"!
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